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We are a young and enthusiastic company, inspired by new ideas and innovative simple solutions. Our goal is to offer people the opportunity to diversify and enrich their daily diet in a simple, fast and healthy way – with the help of freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs from pure nature. The uses of freeze-dried fruits can be discovered endlessly and your inspiration and ideas can fly freely. This is also reflected in our wide range of products – currently we have more than 160 different products in the e-shop and we are constantly expanding and diversifying our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us by e-mail info@berryshop.eu or by phone +372 502 0224. Your feedback is very welcome and we appreciate your good thoughts.

How did we get to BerryShop?

The idea of ​​the Berryshop berry shop came from our family’s needs and life itself. We love nature and swimming in the woods. In addition to the pleasant forest energy, the passionate choir transaction pulls berries over and over again – so as to keep healthy and stimulate health and store vitamins and other natural stuff for the winter. Estonian nature is generous and rich for us, and we gratefully accept its gifts. In this way, every year we quickly fill our home freezer with an abundance of good and better. However, it is clear to the soul that the appearance, taste, structure as well as the content of nutrients and vitamins can suffer during the freezing and later thawing process. But I would like to eat delicious and healthy berries all year round, put on porridge, add smoothie or muesli. And as “havi at my command-my will”, an innovative and innovative freeze-drying solution appeared in our information field. Imetore! When freeze-dried, the natural taste, smell, appearance and structure of the berries are preserved, as well as vitamins and nutrients that are valuable for human health. The berries become about 10 times lighter and do not require any special conditions to maintain their health, such as freezing. Pure, 100% natural fruit, without added sugar. Due to the low water content, it is not necessary to add preservatives to the berries. Such a breeze, in today’s fast-paced life, to enrich and diversify your dining table in a healthy way. Natural, simple, fast, delicious and healthy all year round – it’s perfect for our family! Take the pack and put the berry in your mouth! Take it from the cup and put the delicious berries in muesli or porridge, without any defrosting process and time. Let the child bite instead of sweets, without any guilt. Take it with you as a snack on the trip. Fill your cottage or country house closet with freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and you’ll always have them there for food when you go there – even if the electricity has “gone” in the meantime and the freezer has turned off. The next step in such a joyful discovery, satisfaction and inspiration was the creation of our own, domestic berry shop Berryshop. The idea is to offer other people a wide selection of the best quality freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. A good opportunity to enrich and diversify your daily diet in a simple and fast, but healthy way. To provide people with inspiration, joy and satisfaction through a nature-centric lifestyle. Exciting discovery in our berry shop and delicious food experiences in your life!
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